• Mining relay
    Mining relay
    Read about our featured product: Isotopic level switch produced for mining industry.
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    New power supply
    We present our product: dedicated power supply feeder ZGM 03/01 to supply the power generator equipped with a 3kW magnetron.
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Welcome to the website of:


"POLON" Nuclear Technology Centre in Wrocław, Ltd.


In terms of the subject of its operation and continuity of obligations, it is a successor to the the "Polon" Department of Applied Nuclear Techniques in Wrocław (operating in the years 1965-1992).

The department was established in the sixties with the mission to implement isotopic techniques in the industry.

It successfully performed the tasks involving designing, implementation and maintenance of industrial equipment containing sources of ionizing radiation.

Along with the emergence of fire detection systems, in which smoke detectors containing radioactive material are an important element, the scope of business operation was expanded to include the design, construction and maintenance of fire detection systems.

In 1992, a group of the Company's employee transformed the state-owned company into a limited liability company through employee privatization.

The Company continues its activity in its traditional areas, however, due to the natural evolution of the market demand, it has expanded the range of the services offered that now include:

  • development, production of electronic devices made to single orders of the customers;
  • design, installation, maintenance of building security systems, i.e. hazardous gas detection equipment, intrusion alarm systems, smoke ventilation systems, access control systems and CCTV systems.