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Isotopic Level Transmitter IPSPZ-3

przeta miniaturaIsotopic level signal transmitter is designed for non-contact measurement of the level of various substances in tanks. In cooperation with the controller, it allows for precise level stabilization, and thus simplifies the technological process control. If the emergency level is exceeded, it activates the tank filling blockade.

Examples of applications:

sotopic level meters are used to perform tasks that are impossible or very difficult to accomplish with other measurement methods. With proper selection of the source of radiation, it is possible to control the level of the medium enclosed in the shell, e.g. 0.5 m of concrete or 200 mm of steel.
The isotopic technique allows for easy and highly accurate level stabilisation in:

  • tank furnace,
  • closed chemical reactor,
  • tank with liquid gas,
  • defibrator (level of chips at the production of fibreboards).

Principle of operation:

sondaa miniatura

Geiger counters are used as the radiation detector. Their number and position of the probe depend on the measurement task. The impulses from the counters are converted and transmitted to the input of the microprocessor chip, where the impulse signal is converted into an analogue output signal proportional to the level of the medium. The user can set the range and the time constant of the measurement, taking into consideration the characteristics of the technological process.
The operational status of the unit can be monitored via the serial port interface RS232.

Technical data:

Power supply:

230V ±10% AC   < 10VA

Measurement range:

±5 mm to ±50 mm, depending on the application


not lower than ±0.1 mm (e.g. for glass in the tank furnace) and about +1.5% of the measurement range for other applications

Time constant:

1 to 257 s; value set by the user


current 4 – 20mA

Optional emergency level signalling:

switching contacts of relay

Operating temperature:

Electronic unit: 263K to 323K   (-100C do 500C)

probe: 248K to 343K  (-250C do 700C)