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Signalling Device ISP-01

isp01 miniatura

The signalling device ISP-01 is designed to signal changes in dose rate of gamma ionizing radiation.

The device is used for the non-contact control of tanks filling with liquid or loose material.

Examples of applications:

Isotopic signalling devices are used to perform tasks that are impossible or very difficult to accomplish with other measurement methods. With proper selection of the source of radiation, it is possible to control the presence of the medium enclosed in the shell, e.g. 0.5 m of concrete or 200 mm of steel.

The isotopic technique allows, for example, for easy and highly accurate signalling of the level of output in the mining skip, the level in a closed chemical reactor or a tank with liquid gas.

Principle of operation:

Geiger counter is used as the radiation detector. The impulses from the counter are converted and transmitted to the input of a single-chip computer, where a decision is taken about the logic state of the output and about dynamic parameters of the device. The user can set the thresholds for activation, release and response time, taking into consideration the characteristics of the technological process.

Dane techniczne:

Power supply:

230 ±10% AC or 24V ±10% AC/DC < 5VA

Activation threshold:

1 to 257 imp/s*, value set by the user,

Release threshold:

1 to 257 imp/s*,  value set by the user,

Time constant:

1 to 257 sek , value set by the user,


relay R2 with switching contacts; (Umax=250V AC, Imax=10A)

Operating temperature:

248K to 338K  (-250C do 650C)


100 x 80 x 360


* 20 imp/s = ~1,0uGy/h = 0,1mrd/h