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Signalling Device ISP-03S

przekaznik scyntylator thumbThe device is used for the non-contact control of tanks filling with liquid or loose material.

A special feature of the signalling device ISP-03S it that it is equipped with a scintillation detector instead of the radiation detector, which makes it about 15 times more sensitive to Co-60 sources and about 50 times more sensitive to Cs-137 sources than ISP-01.

It opens up the possibility to construct signalling systems that operate at much lower radiation intensity and thus to use isotopes of lower activity. Apart from the obvious reduction of potential risk in the workplace, in many cases it allows for an advantageous, for example in administrative terms, resignation from the use of highly active sources. For installations in which the isotope is to be exchanged soon (due to natural decay), it is reasonable to consider whether it would not be better to use a new relay, with a guarantee of exploitation of old isotopes over the next few half-lives.


The signalling device ISP-03S is designed for the non-contact control of tanks filling with liquid or loose material. Isotopic signalling devices are used to perform tasks that are impossible or very difficult to accomplish with other measurement methods. The isotopic technique allows for easy and highly accurate level signalling or medium interface measurements in:

  • tank furnace,
  • skip,
  • lime kiln,
  • closed chemical reactor,
  • tank with liquid gas, etc.

This method that does not require any interference in the existing process installation.

Principle of operation:

The device continuously measures the dose of ionizing radiation reaching the detector from the source of radiation that is directed at it. The radiation, passing through the medium located between the isotopic source and the detector, is weakened proportionally to its density so that the device can determine if the radiation travels freely or is obstructed, for example by coal.
Information about the output state of the signalling device ISP-03S is sent via a relay with switching contacts so that it can be easily connected with the process automation.

Technical data:

Power supply:

110 – 230 V AC (optionally 24V AC/DC) 25W max,

Sensitivity Co-60:

~ 300 imp/uG/h,

Sensitivity Cs-137:

~ 1000 imp/uG/h,

Time constant:

1 do 300 sek ; value set by the user,


relay R2 with switching contacts; (Umax=250V AC, Imax=5A)

Operating temperature:

248K to 323K  (-250C to 500C)