• Mining relay
    Mining relay
    Read about our featured product: Isotopic level switch produced for mining industry.
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  • New power supply
    New power supply
    We present our product: dedicated power supply feeder ZGM 03/01 to supply the power generator equipped with a 3kW magnetron.
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Feeder Controller 2/3kW USB

sterownikusb thumbnailThe system enables to control the feeders ZGM 02/01 and ZGM 03/01. The control system of the aforementioned power supply feeders includes an external electronic system and a computer program. The power supply feeder is controlled via the USB port of the computer.








The program allows to switch on individual power circuits and to receive feedback signals from the power circuits, and alarm signals (exceeded temperature of the magnetron, generator chassis intrusion).


Program USB

Application controlling power supply feeder via the USB driver.