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    We present our product: dedicated power supply feeder ZGM 03/01 to supply the power generator equipped with a 3kW magnetron.
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Power supply feeder ZGM 03/01

zgm0301 miniatura

Power supply feeder ZGM 03/01 – dedicated device to supply the microwaves generator POLON-3kW.

The feeder consists of three identical circuits remotely incorporated into the power network with trigger signals connected to the CONTROL jack (Fig. 1). Each circuit is composed of an inductor, a high-voltage transformer and a voltage doubler.

Power supply feeder and generator set, thanks to the independent switching-on of the circuits it allows to obtain portions of microwave power of average values of:

1st degree – 33% PI = 950 W

2nd degree – 33% PII = 950 W

3rd degree – 33% PIII = 950 W

P = 2850 W – maximum microwave power



Fig. 1: Block diagram of the power supply feeder ZGM 03/01.


The power supply feeder was made paying special attention to its application in an automatic industrial process and is designed for the control via industrial automation system controller (e.g. PLC). To use it for the laboratory needs or as a single device you can buy it with a dedicated USB driver allowing to operate the power supply feeder through the computer equipped with a USB port. At the client's request, a control panel can be installed on the front casing of the power supply feeder.


Technical data of the power supply feeder (load generator POLON-3 kW):

Nominal supply voltage:

3x230V±10% / 50Hz

Maximum energy consumption from the network:

4,6 kW (cos = 0,72)

Output voltage:

- 5kV

Auxiliary supply DC:



positive control +24V

Logical 0:


Logical 1:

+24 V (current consumption I = 6 mA)

Operating temperature of the power supply feeder casing:

65 C


RACK 19”- height 3U




67 kg