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Microwave generator 3kW

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Microwaves generator POLON-3kW equipped with magnetron type LG2M290-24WJ. The device generates a beam of high power microwave energy for industrial applications. The recommended source of control and power supply is the feeder ZGM 03/01 produced by OTJ POLON.









Technical data of the POLON-3 kW microwaves generator:


Maximum power of microwaves emission: 3kW
Nominal power of microwaves emission: 2,8kW
Operating voltage of magnetron: - 5kV
Maximum average plate current: 900 mA
Nominal average plate current: 840 mA
Nominal electric power consumption: 4,2kW
Maximum temperature of magnetron body: 65 °C
Magnetron cooling: water

Type of wave-guide:

WR340 / R26 (86,36 x 43,18 mm)

Dimensions: 147 ×180 ×225 mm
Weight with H.V. cable (10m): 8,5 kg
Magnetron protection – thermal circuit breaker: normally closed contact
Protection against electric shock – chassis intrusion detection: normally closed contact