• Mining relay
    Mining relay
    Read about our featured product: Isotopic level switch produced for mining industry.
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  • New power supply
    New power supply
    We present our product: dedicated power supply feeder ZGM 03/01 to supply the power generator equipped with a 3kW magnetron.
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Depth Thermometer TG-01

termgled thumbThe depth thermometer TG-01 is used for temperature measurement in up to 1500 m deep geological boreholes.
A different sensor can be used for the measurement of other physical quantity.









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Water Level Indicator L-04h-n

korbaa thumb
The water level indicator is designed for measuring and recording the water surface elevation in drill holes, piezometers or water reservoirs.
The design was developed primarily to facilitate the registration of changes in the water surface elevation during control pumping. It allows for an easy change of the measuring position and comfortable viewing of the immersion depth of the probe on a clear display.



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Electronic Rain Gauge P-3/03

pluwiometr miniaturaElectronic rain gauge P-3/03 is used for continuous measurement and recording of precipitation. It allows to specify the dynamics of rainfall and accumulated rainfall from the specified period.

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