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Depth Thermometer TG-01

termgled thumbThe depth thermometer TG-01 is used for temperature measurement in up to 1500 m deep geological boreholes.
A different sensor can be used for the measurement of other physical quantity.









The kit includes:

  • temperature sensor housed in a stainless steel casing,
  • up to 1500 m long armoured suspension cable on a cable drum,
  • drum with a built-in temperature reading panel,
  • precise uncoiled cable length counter.

Technical data of the temperature sensor and electronics:

Temperature measurement range:

0 to 120 ° C

Temperature measurement range:

0,1 ° C


+/- 0,2 ° C

Power supply:

  • hermetic, lead battery – 6 V, 4.5 Ah – (allows for 15 hours of continuous operation)
  • external unstabilized source 12 VDC, (the battery is automatically recharged during operation with an external power supply)

Technical data of the drum with the cable:

special cable 1500 m, armoured

weight ca 70 kg

cable length counter designed for fixing on a pipe F 150 to 600 mm or for stable positioning on a rotary table

length measurement with a measuring wheel equipped with a mechanical counter of the repeatability not worse than 2%