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Electronic Rain Gauge P-3/03

pluwiometr miniaturaElectronic rain gauge P-3/03 is used for continuous measurement and recording of precipitation. It allows to specify the dynamics of rainfall and accumulated rainfall from the specified period.

Principle of operation

The device consists of a collector of an effective surface of 200 cm2, a tilting measuring system and a recorder. In case of 0.1 mm rainfall, the measuring system generates an electrical impulse which is transmitted to the recorder.
The device is equipped with a real time clock. The current results (date, time and amount of rainfall) are stored in non-volatile memory (the record is stored even when the power is off). Once the memory is full, a new record replaces the oldest one.

The memory contents can be at any time recorded on a chip card and read on a desktop computer. The recorded data can be also read via a serial port interface RS232.


pluw srodek miniatura

The measuring mechanism and the recorder are mounted in a steel casing protecting them against precipitation and unauthorized interference. On top of the casing there is a stainless steel collector. The base allows you to permanently mount the device and set the level of the collecting surface – 1000mm (optionally 1500mm). The rain allows for the collection of precipitation for chemical analysis.

Technical data

rainfall collecting surface:

200 cm2

Measurement resolution:

0,1 mm

Measurement error:

< 2% ± 0.1 mm (for precipitation < 25 mm/h) 

< 3% ± 0.1 mm (for precipitation 25 - 50 mm/h)

Power supply:

6 V – maintenance-free acid battery 4 Ah 

(optionally the device can be offered with 230 V or 24 V AC supply)

Energy consumption:

during the recording (registration) of the results (for the period of 1 s) < 40 mA, 

in standby mode (between recording of the results) < 50 uA,

Memory capacity:

4092 measurements

Period of recording: every minute up to 24 h and/or depending on the amount of precipitation

reading of the current result on the LCD

reading of the recorded measurement results via a chip card and a PC

change of the settings directly from the recorder keyboard or using a PC via the set point interface

option of "on line" operation in RS 232 standard (9600 b/s) via a telephone or radio modem (requires additional power supply)

Operating temperature:

273K - 333K (00C to 600C)

Note: The device can be equipped with a heating system, so that the lower operating temperature range extends to 253 K. However, it is necessary to provide additional 230 or 24V AC power supply.

The kit includes the following elements: 

  • measuring system with a recorder,
  • base,
  • card reader with software,
  • 2 batteries 6 V 4 Ah,
  • battery charger.