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Water Level Indicator L-04h-n

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The water level indicator is designed for measuring and recording the water surface elevation in drill holes, piezometers or water reservoirs.
The design was developed primarily to facilitate the registration of changes in the water surface elevation during control pumping. It allows for an easy change of the measuring position and comfortable viewing of the immersion depth of the probe on a clear display.



The water level indicator includes a hydrostatic probe with a cable on a cable drum and a built-in electronic unit inside the drum.

To start measurements, uncoil the cable with the probe and lower it down the inspected hole. The built-in LED display indicates the level of immersion of the probe during the handling. The electronic unit records changes in the water surface level as a function of time and the values of the changes in level. It means that rapid changes are stored to the memory more often. During normal recording, you can turn the display off to significantly extend the battery life. The results of measurements stored in memory can be read with a PC via RS 232 interface, using any terminal program. The set is delivered with an appropriate connection cable and a battery charger.


Technical data:

Power supply:

acid battery, hermetic, 6 V 4,5 Ah

Energy consumption:
  • in the interactive mode (work with computer): 250 mA,
  • in stand-by mode 15 mA,
Measurement period:

1 minute up to 24 hours

Memory capacity:

4000 measurements (optionally up to 8100)

Change of the settings and reading of the measurement results using a PC via a serial port interface RS232

Hydrostatic probe with one of the selected ranges: 4, 10, 20, 50 m,

Depth of the measurement:

up to 100 m

Measurement error:

<= 0,3 %  + 0,3 %/10K

Operating temperature:

273 K ¸ 323 K  (0oC ¸ 50oC)

Dimensions of the measuring probe:

25 x 145 mm