• Mining relay
    Mining relay
    Read about our featured product: Isotopic level switch produced for mining industry.
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  • New power supply
    New power supply
    We present our product: dedicated power supply feeder ZGM 03/01 to supply the power generator equipped with a 3kW magnetron.
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Isotopic technique

We have the expertise and licences to provide services related to the implementation and operation of industrial equipment that operate with isotopic sources.

We prepare designs, complete installation, perform periodic inspections and radiological measurements of industrial equipment that operate with isotopic radiation sources, such as level gauges and switches, densimeters, basic weight or thickness meters.

We provide services involving the replacement of used isotopic sources and we accept radioactive substances, such as isotope detectors, for disposal.


The above services are provided based on the following permits, licenses and authorizations:

  • Permit No D-13255 of 8 May 2000 (radioisotopic sources),

  • Permit No D-13996 of 17 August 2001 (radioisotope detectors),

    issued by the Chief Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate, National Atomic Energy Agency, Department of Supervision of Ionizing Radiation Applications.